Kenya Thomas – widow, educator, and entrepreneur–Walking the loss journey

I was married 12 years and knew my husband 18 years. When he suddenly passed away at the young age of 34– my world shattered. I struggled with trying to break my “normal routine.” Many days I pretended that he was away at work, or on a trip. I tried to keep things the same in hopes that he would magically appear. This method wasn’t working! I found myself diving deep into a depression. My anxiety began to increase rapidly. I was moments away from a nervous breakdown. I realize (with the help of others both personal and professional) that I needed a “new norm”, I needed to recreate my journey. I began to develop a new routine. I started reflecting on my current situation and accepting things I could not change. I began to recreate my life based on things I could change. As I built up strength, I took my first step to my loss journey; a journey I am still currently on.

This blog is to hopefully encourage people who are experiencing loss and are fighting with regaining their strength to move forward. Let’s build a community of support.

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