Isolation During the Pandemic

The world is experiencing a crisis with the Cornavirus breakout. The government has asked citizens in many states to stay at home and limit themselves as much as possible from outside activities in effort to control the spread of this respiratory disease. Many jobs are temporarily closed to enforce “social distancing.” So where does this leave me as a person who works in education?? I am stuck in my apartment, while my school district find ways to do virtual learning. As a widow, now 20 months (today is the anniversary date)– my routine has been DESTROYED!! 5 days a week— I go to work for about 10hrs, stop at my apartment to walk my dog, go tutor for an hour, then go work out ( I try– this doesn’t happen consistently lol). After that, I come home start dinner, shower, eat, and watch t.v until I fall asleep. My day is active for at least 16hrs out of 24. It took me awhile to recreate a routine to work through my grief and now I have encounter a set-back.

My set-back has made me take a moment and reflect on my current situation. I began to analyze what is in my “locus of control.” I’m not able to go outside, so what can I do inside? What type of things did my previous routine not allow me to do? I wasn’t able to read as much as I like to, become more active with my dog, invest more in my side ventures such as this blog, cook all three meals of the day, etc. As I ponder, I started to make a new temporary routine to get me through this and keep me going on my journey. At this current moment my routine look like this (Mon-Fri):

  • 8am-walk my dog around the park for 45mins -1hr.
  • 9am – cook breakfast
  • 9:30am- eat/call a love one (usually my mom or sister)
  • 10:30am- clean
  • 11:00am -watch lifetime ( Kings and Queens marathon is usually on)
  • 12pm-lunch
  • 1pm- dance party workout
  • 1:30pm- shower
  • 2:00pm- read ( one of my many novels I’ve failed to complete)
  • 3pm- take my dog back out
  • 4pm- watch recordings of Judge Mathis
  • 5pm-prep dinner
  • 6pm-cook/eat
  • 7pm-Bravo t.v shows
  • 9pm-final phone conversations
  • 10:30pm-bedtime

During our loss journey we’re scrambling to find a “new norm.” The moment we gain sight of recreating our “new norm” we get a burst of energy, but as soon as this is tampered with our world starts to cave in again. Remember to take a moment to stop and sit on the steps of your journey. DON’T GO BACK, just sit. Sit down and reflect on your now, recreate, and regain your strength again. Pick yourself up and continue your journey.

What are some things you are doing to deal with isolation while grieving?

Social Isolation

2 thoughts on “Isolation During the Pandemic

  1. In 2018, my family took a major loss in losing my cousin. He meant so many different things to all of us. I had mixed feelings and so many questions. I dealt with my grieving through isolation. Being alone forced me to acknowledge, feel, and deal with it. I found, and still find, that journaling is my escape. I am not the most expressive person verbally, but writing out my thoughts and feelings have been a great help to me. I am able to get it all out uninterrupted, and can go back and reflect on how far I’ve come, or even areas that still need work.

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  2. I truly appreciate how you are sharing your grief journey to let others know they are not alone, and some positive things can come about even in grief.

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